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About Animal Town Edit

Animal Town is a little series that was started on August 30, 2015. It follows the adventures of Ollie the cat as he goes on many adventures with other cats across Animal Town, including Simba, Ebony, Sammie, Jasmine, and Tux, the other five main characters.

Each of the episodes, which airs every Sunday, follows the six main characters going on numerous adventures across the town helping the citizens and more fun activities. The series is mostly for preschoolers to 2nd graders.

Background of Animal Town Edit

Long ago, there were ancestors of the six main characters: Ollie, Simba, Ebony, Sammie, Jasmine, and Tux. The ancestors on both Ebony and Ollie's side were good friends for a mere 20 years, and this is how both of their biological parents got to know each other. The ancestors on Sammie's side were all teachers of the Magic Arts, a type of magic skill found within Animal Town. However, the ancestors on Simba's side discovered dragons, and this caused the dragons to coexist with the animals living in Animal Town.

Many of the main characters' ancestors and family members were war heroes called Exemplars, which were legendary war heroes thriving to protect the animals and dragons of Animal Town.

Throughout the years after the six cats have met each other, they would go on many adventures throughout Animal Town, and along with them came Thunder the Horse, Timber the Wolf, Rusty the Golden Retriever, Billy the Goat, and Rugby the Wyvern Dragon.

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